When working on a new house or apartment, the interiors need to be considered from the outset.

It is an area where it is critical to work closely with the client’s needs in considering furniture layouts, by planning the layout of a house and how new or existing furniture is to be distributed. Another important aspect to take into account is how our clients can maximize the benefits of their investment in their own home. With well consolidated experience in the world of architecture and interior design in the London, Surrey and Kent areas, at JeremyBarryArchitects we know how to help our clients use their time and capital investment well and to their own advantage.

Colour, texture and light, both natural and in the form of artificial lighting are key to the Interior design of any house.  

We are able to offer a range of professional involvement from simply the provision of a new backdrop for the clients own taste to express itself, to a detailed Interior Design service down to furniture, curtains finishes and fabric choices, right through to ornamentation and room dressing. 


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